We have being doing research and evaluation studies since 1984 and have developed flexible analysis software that support a detailed analysis of doctor-patient communication profiles and content. Our personnel have honed skills in handling two particular evaluation grids:

  • The Roter Interaction Analysis System (RIAS), a well recognized tool that is still widely used in research.
  • and Medicode, an evaluation grid developed by Claude Richard that examines clinical exchanges by highlighting descriptions, evaluations and follow-ups regarding health problems, including therapies (pharmacological and other).

We are now able to mobilize our staff of coders, database manager and statistician to provide ongoing support to research projects in Quebec, Canada and abroad.
We are also currently assessing the reliability of two new tools:

  • An assessment of the weight of arguments added to any themes already part of the Medicode analysis grid
  • A scale measuring patients’ readiness to actively participate in clinical exchanges with their doctor.

Once validated, these new perspectives on communication will be a positive adjunct to the relational and thematic dimensions already highlighted in our analyses.